Need to create a monthly report for the Facebook ads you run, but you need a base to build off? This powerpoint template is an easy-to-customize document, with built in tables and charts covering off all the common items in a monthly report for social media ads.

Product Description:

The Powerpoint document is a template you can use to build off for your monthly ads report for clients or your boss. It includes 14 slides, covering the essential slides in a Facebook or social media monthly report, including clickthrough results or impressions, creative, most engaged demographics, locations and placements.

The charts are all configured to be easily editable by right clicking and pasting in your own data to update the charts in a breeze.

Just insert your own data, and this monthly ad report will be yours to love and keep.

For a full-scale preview of this tool, please click here and here to see screenshots.


1 x Excel Spreadsheet download.

After you place your order you will be sent an email, with a link to download the document. It may go to your junk mail so please check carefully!

Last updated July 2017.

$6.00 AUD