PODCAST social media strategy

How do you design a social media strategy that works? How do you know that you’re measuring what works for your business? And how do you execute that strategy?

Chatting to HollyG from Tourism Upgrade, I spoke about the essential ingredients for designing a social media strategy – leveraging your businesses’ unique culture, community and business goals.

Listen the episode where I talk all things social media strategy below and subscribe to Tourism Upgrade on iTunes here.  Enjoy!


Tourism Upgrade

Check out the full transcript on Holly’s site here.

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Rachel Beaney is an Australian freelance social media specialist with over a decade in digital media. She’s worked with global names like Microsoft, Samsung, News Corp and General Assembly, in addition to not-for-profits and government bodies. She loves helping clients solve their business needs with creative and data-driven solutions. Get in touch today to jump on a free consultation call to find out how Rachel can help you.