Creative. Strategic. Brilliant.

Your digital marketing is in safe hands with Rachel Beaney.

Rachel has got almost a decade of experience with social media marketing.

She can help your business focus its marketing efforts, by creating a digital strategy that makes sense for your business, she can level-up your brand by creating content to complement those goals, and she can pinpoint your future customers with her expertise in advertising targeting.

If you don’t want to worry about your digital marketing and know that ‘Rachel is on it!’, get in touch!

Rachel can help your business with…


If you need some guidance in your business, Rachel consults on strategy. She has created social media strategies for scores of companies, she specialised in social media audits so you can assess your performance compared to your industry, and she can help upskill your team with training.


Looking to grow your business? Rachel has been running Facebook and LinkedIn ads for years, specialising in niche audiences. Using smart targeting and using the latest in retargeting, Rachel can help your future customers find out about your business.


If you’d like to level up your social media marketing, Rachel has been designing social media content for businesses from the start. Creating professionally designed content to meet your business objectives, whether it’s to build trust, inspire your audience or establish a connection, Rachel loves extending your business story into the realm of social.

Rachel has worked with brands including…

About Rachel Beaney

Rachel Beaney is an Australian freelance social media specialist with over a decade in digital media. She’s worked with global names like Microsoft, Samsung, News Corp and General Assembly, in addition to medium businesses, not-for-profits and government bodies. She loves helping clients solve their business needs with creative and data-driven solutions. She is also very passionate about teaching and training and loves to take the mystery out of social media for those wanting to DIY it!

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Why is Rachel amazing to work with?


No piece of social media content is posted without tying it back to your key business objectives. Looking to build trust or authority? Or to build a community? Or increase sales? Whatever your goal, Rachel starts with strategy.


You want your business to look professional so that your customers like and trust you – and will buy from you. But not everyone is a Photoshop whiz! Rachel’s content uses your brand colours and tone of voice as inspiration for every hand-crafted post.


You can trust that Rachel will get the job done, by the deadline. Rachel is organised, efficient and clearly communicates the next step in every job. You know exactly what’s happening with your marketing every step of the way.


You’re busy. You don’t want to spend all day with back-and-forths approving pieces of content. Rachel has streamlined processes so that you don’t need to be micromanaging things, but you still have a full view and control over your business brand.

But what do Rachel’s clients say?

Impressed yet? Wait till you see the case studies…

Let's work together if...

>> you’d like some direction with your digital marketing approach
>> you’d like some digital marketing training
>> you’d like to grow your business with digital advertising
>> you’re looking to present your best-foot-forward in social media

Get in touch…

Get in touch today to book a free consultation call to find out how Rachel can help you.

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