One of the most popular items in my online shop is my key dates calendar. It’s a favourite with digital marketers, social media manager and bloggers because it helps plan the marketing year. It’s a tool that I started designing for myself several years ago because there was nothing available that fit the Australian market: a list of key dates, holidays, events and special days that made sense for Australia. Yep, US Independence Day is fun, but not super relevant for us Down Under!

As a social media marketer, leveraging key dates for campaigns for my clients can be a critical way to boost awareness of a brand or topic, tying news or an event to an existing talking point. But, for many brands, the big known events aren’t always relevant to different organisations, or smaller, niche days are missed.

Having a guide to the upcoming dates means you can plan your marketing for the year against special days in advance, to be proactive with your planning, rather than being reactive.

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2023 Key Dates Calendar for Australia Now Available

This key dates calendar covers everything from Australian public holidays, sporting events and fun days – it’s now available in my online shop.

It’s an Excel document that is a must-have for Australian social media community managers or bloggers looking to plan for 2021. Covering January to December 2021, this calendar lists the special dates which you should keep in mind when planning content, competitions or campaigns.

This calendar includes both ‘month-long’ events (ie. Veganuary) and special days.

Specially designed for the days and dates relevant for Australians, you won’t find international calendars highlighting Clean Up Australia Day, the State Of Origin or the Ekka.

This calendar includes:

Australian Public Holidays (National and State Level) and NSW School Holidays.
UN observances (eg. International Day of Friendship)
Sporting Events (eg. US Open, AFL Grand Final)
Award Show Listings (eg. Oscars)
Daylight Savings Changes – Australia
Seasons / Equinox Dates
Commemorative dates (eg. ANZAC Day)
Silly and fun dates (eg. Talk Like A Pirate Day, Elmo’s Birthday)

It also includes links to resources that update throughout the year, including:
Australian TV premieres
Films in Australian cinemas
Australian events (eg. Sydney Festival, Sculptures By The Sea)
Community events (eg. Movember)
US television and Netflix premiere dates
Community health events (ie. World No Tobacco Day)

Here’s a preview of this gorgeous resource:

Screenshot of the Excel document, listing a fun featured day for almost every day of the year


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