If you’ve ever tried to create something from scratch, whether it’s a cake, a dress or a newsletter, you know that creation is a mammoth task. It requires inspiration, focus, creativity and – if we’re really lucky – a few minutes without anyone asking “what’s for dinner?”. Creating social media content for your business is no exception.
Writing blogs and crafting social media content are two massive time-consuming tasks that are often the first to fall off any busy business owner’s to-do list, even though marketing is critical to keep going all year round (even when you’re busy!).
However, the secret sauce that I use to help me create social media content in busy times is to recycle and repurpose my content. I break apart my blog posts and turn them into smaller pieces of social media content.
Here’s why I do it:

  • If you’re turning your blog posts into social media content, you only need to turn that idea into words once
  • You’re saving hours by having a solid base to start from already (especially if you’re using the old copy and paste!)
  • You’re reinforcing consistent messages to your customers in a variety of formats – whether it’s your blog post, newsletter or social media.

Yep, reusing that gold is so useful to keep you going.

Are you on board with turning blog posts into social media content? Here are some ways you can do it:

1. Quote Yourself

You know those inspirational quotes or handy tips you see online? I’m sure your blog posts are full of gold like that. Comb your blog posts and pull out sentences that are your key messages, and turn then into quote posts.
Yep, at first it can feel a bit weird quoting yourself, but you know who loves quote posts? Everyone. These classic posts haven’t gotten old, pull out a sentence from a favourite blog, throw it in Canva and share that baby with the world.

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2. Latte it

If you’re the type to take a photo with your computer and latte, why not show off your latest blog post as a “behind the scenes” action shot – especially if you’ve just published it.
Let your audience know the post is live, share and your favourite point from the post and encourage people to check out the fill blog post.
Pro tip: this is also gorgeous as an Instagram Story.

3. Frame it

If you’ve got a succinct point or tip that doesn’t require the wider context of the blog post, why not put that paragraph as it’s own social media post? You might have a blog post with 5 tips for achieving something – why not use each individual point and a social media post?
Add a jazzy picture which helps tell the story and you’re done and dusted.

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4. Go live

I’ve been diving into Facebook Lives and creating videos in the Bean Social group. One technique which has helped me create more content is to using the same key ideas from my blog posts and run through them in a video. Not everyone in your audience will read a blog post, but they might be the type to watch a video, so even if you’re making a lot of the same points, you might just be reaching a new audience.
If you’re into video anyway, you could also make this as an Instagram Story or for IGTV. Even. more. content.

5. Slideshow it

Grab your main headings from your blog post and turn it into a gorgeous image gallery telling the main points of your blog. There are also plenty of tools to animate images into a neat little video so you can get in on that video love without having to put on pants.
Here’s one blog posts where I’ve just turned my key points from a blog into a gallery:

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6. Recycle, recycle, recycle

Let’s be real: how often are you sharing your blog posts? If you write it and then share it on social media once, you’re missing out on loads of opportunities for your audience to see your piece.
Often, I share links to blog posts I’ve written every week for the first four weeks after I’ve written then, then every month for the next 6 months. If it’s evergreen, I might be sending that baby out years later.
Check this tweet out: last week, I tweeted out a blog post I wrote two years ago because it’s still relevant. If you’re writing evergreen content that doesn’t date, keep sharing it with your new audiences who may not have seen it yet!

The recap

Using the blogs that you pour your heart into and giving them a second – or third! – life as social media content is not just a way to consistently tell the same brand messages, but saves you loads of time and energy because you’ve already turned it into content before!

After you’ve written your blog post, why not:

  • Turn it into a quote post, immortalising your fabulous words
  • Create a “behind the scenes” shot of your new work?
  • Pull out an individual paragraph and use that as a standalone social media post?
  • Turn that baby into video and share the same ideas on video to hit a new audience
  • Grab those headlines and make a gorgeous gallery
  • And don’t forget – share that blog post over and over again while it’s still a hot potato

Do you have any other ideas for how to turn blogs into social media content? Share them in the comments!

Post originally written in 2020, updated in 2022.

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