Meet Rachel Beaney

Rachel Beaney is a freelance digital and social media specialist. She loves to create things for the web and social space – and loves to help others feel confident to make the most of it for their business.

Working in the corporate world, Rachel worked with clients like Network Ten, Microsoft, Aussie Home Loans and more, learning the ins-and-outs of digital media across a variety of mediums. You can see a sample of her work here.

Moving to the world of freelance in 2016, Rachel helps medium-to-large Australian businesses to grow their brands online.

She works with companies to refine their business objective in the context of digital marketing and helps them plans the best approach to meet those goals with the resources and time they have. Rachel can also help out with these projects, whether that is growing a LinkedIn Page, retargeting their existing customers using Facebook ads, building their newsletter list, creating more engaging blog content or managing an online community.

Rachel has worked with clients including NewsCorp, NRMA, The SA Government, Crown Casinos, Indie Village, Good2Give and more.

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys playing video games, reading terrible crime fiction, creating clay animation, attending hackathons and playing with dogs in the park. Not her dogs. Just any dogs she can find.

Rachel is simply the best. She has a breadth of knowledge across digital marketing and is so organised that it’s easy to step back and let her work her magic. Hire her now.

Sara Kidd

Indie Village

Rachel has worked on big names like..

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