Coaching & Training

Rachel offers social media training for corporates, social media managers and small businesses to help them skill up across social media. She also offers ongoing and one-on-one coaching calls to privately workshop issues or help you skill up. Find out how Rachel help you.

Coaching and Training

Custom Social Media Training

Need some training to help your staff become the best they can be? Experienced in training digital marketing classes, Rachel has hands-on experience working across social media content creation, issue escalation, reporting, strategy and more. She can help your staff work more effectively to meet your business goals.
$1000/training session
  • Rachel’s custom training includes:

  • Consultation to understand your business training needs

  • Development of a custom training package

  • Delivery of training package via group video chat. Presentation time is between 1-3 hours.

  • Prices are in AUD and do not include GST.

  • Need a half-day or full day training package? Rachel is available for in-person workshops in Canada. Get in touch.


Coaching Calls

It’s time to invigorate your social media! Want to talk through your big ideas with someone to bounce ideas off them? Get a new perspective or some advice on how to tackle a problem or some fresh ideas to target your audience. Rachel offers 1-on-1 coaching via video call. BYO coffee and we’ll brainstorm your social.
$150/1 hr call
  • For a 3-month retainer:

  • Customised coaching needs assessment

  • Personalised training plan and exercises

  • Monthly 1-hour, private coaching call via Skype with Rachel.

  • Prices are in AUD and do not include GST.

  • Want a one-off coaching call? Find out more…


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