Custom training just for you

Skill up in social and digital media

Social and digital media are changing all the time. You need to keep your team skilled up and across the latest to ensure you’re using your time and energy most effectively.

Make the most of your time with custom training for your organisation to ensure your team members learn just what they need to – and not what they don’t.

Rachel has a wide variety of experience in social and digital media marketing which means she can train in:

  • social media content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • social media advertising
  • social media analytics and Google Analytics
  • blogging and content marketing
  • and more.

Rachel has been training in social media for over five years, including teaching at General Assembly and Sydney Community College.

Recommended for:

  • marketing managers, social media managers or business owners
  • businesses 3 + years old
  • businesses with an annual turnover of $150k +

    About Rachel Beaney

    Rachel Beaney is a digital marketing specialist who has been in the game for over a decade. 

    She’s passionate about helping marketers and business owners separate fact from fiction with their social media marketing and loves helping clients feel they control their social media.

    She’s worked with companies of all sizes: from small businesses all the way up to big names like Microsoft, Samsung, Network Ten, Riot Games and more. She would love to help you skill up so you can meet your goals for 2020.

    How does this all work?

    Whether it’s a one-off training session or a series of sessions designed to help you skill up over time, custom training is designed to skill yourself or your team up in just what you need.

    Rachel consults with yourself or your team prior to the session to understand what business challenges you’re trying to solve, or skills you’d like to skill up in. She takes into account your prior experiences designs a course based on your current needs.

    The goal is to be practical, supportive and help you build confidence to skill up, real-world projects that you’re working on.

    Step 1: Consultation

    We jump on a free 30-minute call so Rachel can get an understanding of what your business is, what you’d like to learn. Rachel looks at your team experience and business goals to better understand just what information is most helpful.

    Step 2: Session Structure

    We can decide on the structure, whether it’s a one-off session for a few hours, or an ongoing series of sessions.


    Step 3: Training begins

    Before the call, we confirm if there is anything new you want to talk about based on your current projects, and then at the appointed time, we grab a coffee and jump on a video call using Zoom. At the end of the session we set goals or things to check in on the next time we call.

    What do you get?

    When you book in for your coaching sessions, you receive:

    • A consultation call to ensure the training meets the needs of your team and whatever level they are at.
    • A reminder check-in before your session.
    • A custom built training session, delivered for yourself or your team.
    • A copy of the training as a PDF to refer to.
    • A summary email with links to any tools or resources we discussed
    • If conducted online, at your request, the session can be recorded and sent to you.

      Prices are exclusive of GST.

      Calls take place in the timezone of Sydney, Australia, ideally between 10am – 4pm AEST. A surcharge applies for calls outside of this time.

      Ready to get started? 

      Let’s talk about growing your business through a personalised coaching.

      Book a time with Rachel to jump on a free consultation call so she can find out where you want to take your business this year.

       Please use the form below to find a time which works for both of us. 

      Bookings 2 – 3 days in advance are appreciated.