Free Resources

Looking for free resources to help you with you social media planning, whether it’s content idea, planning ads, or reporting? I can hook you up right here! Unlock my freebie resources, or check out my recommended go-to websites below.

Unlocking this content gives you access to:

  • The Little E-Book Of Social Media Content Ideas
  • Design 101 for All Your Social Media Accounts
  • The Visual Instagram Ad Planner
  • The Essential Checklist for Social Media Branding
  • Snapchat Terminology Chart
  • Facebook Data 15 Minute Round Up Tool
  • The Social Media Crisis Management Checklist
  • Daily Productivity Planner
  • And more!

Additional Resources

For those wanting to know more about external resources, my tips are:

Sensis Social Media Report (PDF) – Amazing for Australian data on how people use social media (2016)

Social Media Today – great for regular tips and tricks

Social Media Examiner – Brilliant for regular weekly news updates on changes

 Jon Loomer – Level up for Facebook ads with Advanced Facebook Advertising Techniques

Bean Social – Join my Facebook community for questions, support, the latest news (and a few laughs!)