Guest Blogging Guidelines

Hi there,
Are you interested in guest blogging on my site? Amazing! I do accept guest posts on my blog, and I’m excited to work with future potential collaborators!

Below are my guest posting guidelines which will hopefully address most of your questions, but feel free to get in touch if there’s a curly question not addressed below.

Thank you!

What kind of content do you accept?

My blog content is around digital and social media, with useful, practical tips for those working with digital marketing: whether it’s an online community manager, a small business owner, a freelancer or a head of marketing. All content must be relevant to these audiences, whether it’s a how-to guide or helpful lifestyle tips for these audiences.

I want to make digital marketing fun and accessible, by keeping the tone light, empathetic and actionable. In the vein, if you use jargon, please explain what the terms you’re using mean. This doesn’t mean we can’t get meaty with the topics, but I want to make sure everyone can follow the gems of knowledge you’re putting out there!

Feel free to send over some topic ideas that you think might suit my readers, or I can work with you to workshop some angles if you’re not sure where to start.

Please check out my previous blog posts, to see if your topic or idea is right for my audience.

General guidelines:

  • Posts to be at least 500 – 1000 words.
  • Content must be original, and not published elsewhere, including your own blog, Medium, or LinkedIn.
  • Content must be grammatically correct, with complete sentences and free of typos as much as possible (Grammarly is a great tool if you need a second set of eyes!)
  • The overall piece must have a clear structure. A suggested structure is an introduction, 3 – 5 points, conclusion, separated by subheadings.
  • Any links in the content must be useful links to resources or tools which are of benefit to my readers. Feel free to link to blogs which explain subjects in more detail if needed.

Content that is not accepted:

  • Please note that content which is overly ‘salesy’ will not be accepted.
  • Articles as part of a link-building campaign.
  • Affiliate links on guest posts are not accepted.
  • Content which is too similar to a post written about in the past
  • Content which does not meet the General guidelines.

How to submit content:

  • Before writing, feel free to get in touch to see if the topic or idea is one which might suit my audience.
  • Please send your completed post as an HTML file or Word Doc to mail [at]
  • Please note that headings are in H2 format
  • Image files (with image credit) submitted as a .jpg or .png, with a maximum width of 500 px.  Please send in a separate folder via Dropbox or similar. You must own the image, or suggest a creative commons image ( is a great site for this). Otherwise, I will find an appropriate image.
  • Please provide a 1 paragraph bio on the writer. Links can be included to their website and social channels of choice. Optional: feel free to include an author photo of 300 x 300 px.

A few additional notes:

  • I manage my blog content schedule once a month, so if your post is accepted, the publishing turnaround time is usually within 30 days.
  • However, please note that I do not typically post more than one guest post a month, so some posts may be reserved and published at a later date.
  • Please don’t be offended if I suggest changes to content, as all pieces require light editing.
  • To maintain the site consistency, I will set a cover image for the piece and may update the title.
  • I may add links throughout the blog to additional resources, or other articles on my blog if relevant. If an article has excessive links to sources which are not adding value to the reader, I may remove these links.

After it’s posted:

  • Feel free to share the blog post online once it’s up on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your newsletter, or encourage your coworkers to share it too.
  • You’re welcome to link to the post on your website or within your existing blog posts.
  • If it’s an evergreen post (i.e. still relevant in a few months or years), set a reminder to schedule it again in a few months to get new visitors or followers reading your awesome content.
  • I also share my guest posts across my social networks and newsletter but feel free to tag me in your updates, so I can share your posts, too. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to collaborating with you!

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