Hi, Iā€™m Rachel Beaney.

šŸ‘‹Ā  Iā€™m a social media specialist. I am a freelancer and I train business owners and marketers manage social media marketing from a self-care perspective.

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How To Use ChatGPT To Help With Social Media Marketing

We have officially entered the Artificial Intelligence (AI) age. While we've all been using AI for a long time in products for many years without really knowing it (like Google Maps or Grammarly), it feels like it's really officially here. The release of AI-powered...

5 Ways a Social Media Audit Can Give Your Business a Leg Up

One of the projects I love to work on the most is a social media audit. I review how a business' social media channels sit in relation to their competitors in the social media space, going through a checklist of industry standard expectations on content, design,...

5 Ways Your Business Can Share Its Values On Social Media

What is the mission of your business? How does it impact the world? And, more importantly, how can you reflect these values on social media? There's a new breed of business, where the triple-bottom-line baked into the business from the outset: where their impact on...

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