Guest post by Stephan Des, from LeadsBridge
Managing a successful business requires many different skills, from expertise in your field, to financial management, to sales techniques and more. But it is even harder to define a single skillset needed to help you grow your business.
One person may prefer to focus on a specific social media channel to acquire more clients and customers, while another may be more familiar with paid traffic or search engine optimization.
However, one of the secrets behind a long-lasting, healthy business relies on having an effective marketing funnel that works.
Facebook is growing fast as a leading advertising platform. The reason why marketers love it so much is simple: Facebook’s advertising suite provides marketers with multiple tools that allow them to generate highly-qualified leads to sell more products and services.
On top of this, the new tools that developers are rolling out allow marketers to support and reinforce every single step of their sales funnel, from the brand awareness stage through to sales.
In this article, you are going to discover how to use Facebook Ads to support your business across your sales funnel.
Ready? Let’s start!

Brand awareness

Having a continuous stream of potential clients who get in touch with your brand is crucial for growing any type of business. Retargeting allows you to improve your brand awareness by reaching people who have visited your site once and entice them come back multiple times.
You can even be more specific and create a Custom Audience of people who have visited a certain page on your website or blog and reach them with relevant content.
If you don’t have a website or blog, you can promote videos or other content uploaded directly to Facebook using Custom Audiences, too.
By creating a Custom Audience of people who have engaged with your Facebook Page you can retarget them with a Lead Ad campaign, a specific type of ad designed to collect emails and contact details of people who engage with the ad.

Email marketing

Mailing lists are a vital part of the marketing suite used by businesses today. Email marketing allows you to follow up your prospects and clients and build a relationship with them over time. Moreover, today’s CRM tools and auto-responders provide excellent segmentation tools that enable you to address your leads with more relevant offers, based on their behaviours and preferences.
Thanks to Facebook Ads, you can reinforce your email marketing campaigns through CRM retargeting.
From your CRM, you can select the users who did not open an email and upload their contacts details into Facebook Ads Manager. By doing this, you can create a Custom Audience and run a Facebook Ad campaign to reach them while they are browsing on Facebook. This means you can share your message to your audience irrespective of the platform they are engaging with you on.

However, it can be time-consuming to upload these audiences manually, but it can be automated using third-party tools, such as LeadBridge, which can create Dynamic Custom Audiences.


Retargeting is also useful to promote front-end offers with special offers, coupons and promos in order convert prospective clients.
One way to use retargeting is by building a Custom Audience of people interested in a specific topic, product or service, based on where they have visited on your site, or specific emails they have opened.
Retargeting allows you to offer a promo or a discount offer to these audiences interested in those products and win that sale.

Lead Nurturing

Once people step into your funnel, you can use Facebook Retargeting Ads to reinforce your nurturing efforts and push your leads down through the funnel.
By using Facebook Canvas and Instant Articles, you can replicate your webpages to be mobile optimised and, through retargeting, nurture all your leads with optimized content that loads faster on mobile devices.
Retargeting can also help you to segment your audience, by creating a Carousel Ad that shows different products or services. Depending on the link they click, you’ll be able to create audiences of people interested in different topics and send them more relevant content or offers.


Retargeting allows you to engage your audience and acquire new participants for your events, webinars and meetings.
When promoting such events, marketers often use a landing page. The problem is that many visitors will leave it before registering – but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are not interested.
Thanks to retargeting using Facebook Pixel, you can create a Custom Audience of people who have seen the event page but have not yet signed up. Promoting a specific message to them is another way you can re-engage them. For example, leverage scarcity and the final few days of registration as a tactic to entice people to register.


In this article, I shared with you five ways to use retargeting to increase your advertising results and reinforce:

    • Brand awareness
    • Email marketing
    • Promotions
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Events

Now it’s your turn.
How do you use retargeting to reinforce your marketing efforts? Let me know below, in the comments!

Guest Post by Stefan Des, CEO and co-founder at LeadsBridge. A suite of automation tools for Facebook Advertisers. Social Advertising and Marketing Automation enthusiast. Download his Facebook Ads Insider’s Hacks here.

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