Linked In is fast becoming the go-to social network for many Aussies. It was once seen as a bit stuffy and corporate – but with a slick redesign last year, it’s now a hotspot for those aged 40+ and those who love doing business. It’s the third most popular social network in Australia outside of Facebook and Instagram – so more and more companies are building Linked In Business Pages.

But there’s a catch: fewer people follow Linked In Pages compared to the way we used to follow Facebook Pages, so these new channels have tiny reach. And, if these channels have just been established, they are not going to have many followers anyway. So how does a business work on reaching their ideal customers on Linked In?

A simple solution is to make the most of the brand advocates you see every day: your business employees.

It’s likely that if someone works for you, that they might have a rich network on Linked In of people who also work in the industry. So all your employees combined may have a rich source of potential prospects.


The solution? If your staff can share your Linked In Business Page posts with their networks, you will see a boost in reach and followers for your page – and even better, it’s likely they will be within your industry to boot.

Even if you’ve only got a handful of employees, if each contact has 400 connections, you’ve got reach of over a thousand just in a few shares. Who needs to build followers when you’ve got that kind of reach built into your biz already?

The challenge now becomes – “how do I encourage my staff to share our Linked In Pages content”?

Well, I’ve got a few ideas.

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Ask them

If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. If you let your staff know that you want them to share your business Linked In posts, they won’t know it’s something they should be thinking about. Let them know it’s something they should consider. Even better, lead by example and actively begin sharing your Page’s content to your own personal Linked In account.

Make it easy

Make it easy for your staff to get involved in sharing content. Share the link to your Business Page so that they are all following the Page, so when content comes up in their feed, it’s easy to share. If you’ve got a ripper of a post, you could even email staff with a link to the post to ask them the share it. Break down the barriers which stop people from sharing your content and one barrier is that people are busy and might not think of checking out Linked In during a busy day.

PRO TIP: LinkedIn has just added a feature where workplaces can notify employees listed on Linked In of important posts to prompt them to share. 

Have great content

Let’s be honest. If your content sucks, no one will share it. Create stellar content, that reflects your brand values, passion for your industry, and it’s interesting, relevant and engaging. A simple way to encourage your staff to share your content is to have great content that they – and anyone – wants to share with their network.

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Set clear expectations

We live in a world where people can be hired – and fired – for what they say online. So in order to steer clear of hot water, a lot of people won’t say anything about the place they work online at all. A simple way to address this is to introduce Staff Social Media Guidelines. Not only does this make it clear about the kinds of things you don’t want your staff to be sharing online – confidential business information – but the things they should be sharing – awards you’ve won, brilliant blog posts, team building days and, yep, your Linked In content.

Give ownership

If your team feel they feel proud of the project they’ve worked on and have some ownership of the content created, they are much more likely to want to share the content your business is sending out. If they wrote the blog post, or are in the photos, or it was their idea, they will want to share it. If they feel that sharing the content will have an impact on their life, they will also be more motivated to share it (think about the sales teams who might close more sales if their personal network sees the value in what they sell through the excellent content shared.)

In summary

Linked In Pages are the new kid on the block, but leveraging your existing cheerleaders in the office is a simple way of gaining more reach with your target market  – would growing in followers or spending money on advertising.

Make it clear that you want your staff to share content and set guidelines to help them feel safe doing so, make it easy for them to do it, give them a personal reason to share – whether it’s because they created the content, can see it benefits their job, or it’s brilliant content that they want to share with their network so they can show off the fantastic business they work for.

Do you have a LinkedIn Business Page? Will you be leveraging your existing staff to help increase the reach of your business?

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