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It can be a challenge creating fresh, engaging content about your brand that your audience will engage with. In fact, you can spend so much time creating content – that you don’t always have the space to step back and look at the bigger picture – like your page design.

Maybe you’ve not updated your About Page recently? Or maybe you haven’t activated the Facebook Inbox feature? Maybe you haven’t had a chance to update your cover images in a while?


But when you step back, take a walk around the block, grab a coffee and look at your page with fresh eyes, there are heaps of simple things you can do to to ensure your page is up to scratch in terms of branding and design.

The folks over at Quill have created a rad infographic highlighting the areas the key areas to pay attention to when ensuring that your page is up to date.

Is it time for your Facebook page to have a makeover? Here’s the go-to list.

13 must-know tips for a successful Facebook business page13 must-know tips for a successful Facebook business pageInfographic by Quill

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