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Snapchat is exploding in popularity these days and, despite the reputation, it is most certainly not just for teens anymore. In the same way that Facebook started with uni students and shifted to cover all demographics – we’re seeing Snapchat to the exact same thing.
Businesses are jumping on Snapchat left, right and centre, trying to make the most of the growing social platform. But for newbies to Snapchat, it can seem like a confusing space – how do you get on it? What do you do? The most challenging question I find when starting a new social network is who to follow?
Who better to answer our burning Snapchat questions, than the brilliant Suzanne Nguyen, aka StringStory, who teaches tech and media, specialising in Snapchat!
Below is the Q and A with Suzanne about just what Snapchat is and how we can make the most of it!

How To Make The Most Of Snapchat

Heya, I’m Suzanne Nguyen, online I’m @StringStory, and I’m a curious geek of the future. I geek out on tech and media on Snapchat. I’ve been invited by Rachel, to talk about how to make the most of the social-video app. 
Describe Snapchat in your own words.
Snapchat is a bitesize TV on your smartphone. It’s social and it’s a media-centric platform.
What inspired you to get started with Snapchat?
Someone once told me, “that the fastest way to mastery is to teach.”  I’ve been a live video broadcaster since the days of Meerkat (a live video app), and then I decided to make Snapchat my primary form of communication and content platform. When I was on Meerkat, I taught Meerkat on Meerkat and now on #SnapchatMonday, I teach snappers how to snap better, on Snapchat.
How long have you been on Snapchat?
On a personal level, since October last year. It’s funny, because I seriously felt old when I first started using Snapchat. Then all the sudden it became trendy, and everywhere you go, you hear and see people snapping their life away. I became serious about my own personal branding and focus on delivering high impact content since April this year. It’s been a few weeks, but my viewership has a massive rate growth of 500%.
What kind of things you do post each day?
If you want to have high impact content, you’re best to tune in on #SnapchatMonday (the aim of the game is to teach Snappers to be better broadcasters) and #TechTuesday (I geek out about a specific tech topic, I talked about the value of Messaging apps for business).
Do you have a favourite Snapchat tip which is useful for newbies?

  1. Consume first, add as many snappers as you can.
    Understand different styles.
  2. Become familiar with the app. Add your friends and start sending them snaps.
  3. Then delete the account that you find no value in.
    Snapchat gets really noisy after a while, if you like to understand why you have to curate and clean your content, feel free to read more here

What advice would you give anyone looking to use SnapChat for business?

  1. Treat it tv show; comparatively, it’s similar to the beginning of YouTube.
  2. Your vibe attracts your tribe, understand who your audience is
  3. Show up, meaning regular consistency is growth
  4. Snapchat works well as it provides a human face to a brand.

Do you feel the demographics of Snapchat are changing as it’s growing in popularity? (It has a reputation for being just for teens!)
It’s true, Snapchat was originally geared towards young teens, but that is beginning to change. With 10 billion (yes, with a B) snap views per day, business and individuals are using it to personally brand themselves.
My demographic is interesting between the age of 25-50, mostly with an entrepreneurial mindset, who like to be better broadcaster or tune into tech trends.
Who are the top 3 people you would recommend we follow on Snapchat?

  1. Mark Suster (he drops knowledge bombs)
  2. Justin Kan (see how he snaps and entertains startup culture)
  3. Justin Wu (all about growth marketing and startup)

Anything else you think you’d like to add?
Here’s how to add me on Snapchat:

1. Open the app
2. With the camera view, take a snap-photo
3. It will scan and add me to your list
4. If you’re on your smartphone, click here
5. Remember to message me and introduce yourself, see you on Snapchat.
Feel free to reach out and let me know how I can help you and your brand make the most of Snapchat for business.

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