Skill up in social media marketing with Bloom

What is Bloom?

Social media changes all the time. Traditional courses are quickly outdated. There’s a lot of fad and fiction about what to do, amongst the facts. It can be tough to learn social media marketing in amongst all this.

That’s why Bloom was launched.

Bloom is a membership site where you learn to skill up in digital media marketing. And it’s always up to date, because it’s live.

It’s got all the elements you need to skill up: learning modules you can work through at your own pace, a community where you can ask questions anytime, show-me-how-its-done webinars and live coaching calls where you can get personalised recommendations for your business.

Many businesses and marketers learn social media marketing through trial and error, and sometimes we just don’t have the time to learn everything. Sometimes we need someone to guide us through a tricky spot, or to show us how it’s done.

Bloom is designed to be your go-to social media marketing resource, with tools and guides to help you every step of the way. We start at helping you establish your digital marketing goals, through to tactics to help you nurture and grow your audience and convert that audience into leads and into sales.

If you’re hands-on in social media marketing, then Bloom is for you, whether you’re:

  • a social media manager working hands-on in a business wanting to skill up
  • a small business owner managing your own business social media
  • a marketing manager wanting to make smarter decisions for your team

Bloom is recommended for businesses over two years old, who are ready to level up their social media marketing..

About Rachel Beaney

Rachel Beaney is a digital marketing specialist who has been in the social media marketing game for over a decade.

She’s passionate about helping marketers and business owners separate fact from fiction with their social media marketing and loves helping clients feel they control their social media.

 She’s worked with companies of all sizes: from small businesses all the way up to big names like Microsoft, Samsung, Network Ten, Riot Games and more. She would love to help you skill up so you can meet your goals for 2020.

She’s been training online for several years. She’s had over 10,000 students learn online with her, which average over a 4 star rating. Workshop participants say that Rachel “has a wealth of knowledge with a fun approach to social media.” 

Who is Bloom for?

Bloom is for business owners and marketing teams looking for sustainability with their social media marketing.

Bloom delivers a way to approach social media marketing that is strategic – not reactive – so you can have clear goals and balance in your life.

This membership is not for you if you just want to grow Likes (in fact, we passionately advocate against that as a core approach for most businesses) or to simply “go viral”.

Bloom is designed to help you set goals that make sense for your unique business, for your ideal audience, with a plan to execute it in a way that doesn’t have you scrambling to come up with what to post each day, or responding to Facebook Messenger at 10pm.

Bloom is recommended for:

  • marketing managers, social media managers or business owners
  • businesses which have been up and running for over 2 years
  • businesses with an annual turnover of $80k +

Is that you? Come on in.

Sign up to Bloom today.

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What’s included?

When you subscribe to become a member of Bloom, you unlock your access to the Bloom membership site. There, you can find learning modules, tools and resources and get access to our monthly online events.

It’s designed to be ongoing so you can build on your skills over time. Bloom is designed to be practical, supportive and help you build confidence to skill up, leveraging real-world projects that you’re working on.

Learning modules

Follow the Success Path through Rachel’s book “Posting With Purpose” to learn how to design a social media approach that works for your business – with bonus tools and guides along the way.

Online Events

Every month, we host online events to help you skill up in social media. It might be a webinar to show to a technical skill, or a workshop to help you brainstorm content for your next quarter. Fun, engaging and accessible, these are must-do.


Live Coaching Calls

As members of Bloom, dial into the monthly group coaching calls where you can ask specific questions about how to approach a tricky situation in your business. It’s personalised, easy-to-action and we might just have a few laughs, too.

What do you get in the Bloom membership?


  • Access to Rachel’s book ‘Posting With Purpose’, a book that step-by-step walks you through building a social media approach that works for your business
  • Rachel’s Premium Resources and downloads are featured for free in Bloom. Each month, select resources are available for free – from the monthly reporting powerpoint template, to the key dates calendar, and ad planning tools and more.
  • Monthly webinars which show you “how to” in a more technical subject area. It might be navigating Google Analytics, LinkedIn advertising, or your Facebook Reporting.
  • Group Coaching Calls in Zoom, where you ask a question for how to approach a digital marketing challenge in your business – and Rachel gives you recommendations for the next steps.
  • Online events and coaching calls are not held at awkward hours. Everything is in Sydney time, so it’s local knowledge, in local time.
  • Workshops will be held regularly to help you get “hands on” in a guided way in your business. This might be helping you plan your content for the next month, or developing a strategic marketing plan for the next six months.
  • Join the “Bean Social” Facebook community to chat about social media marketing, get the latest news and pop in those quick “why-isn’t-it-working?!” questions that you need help with immediately.
    What Events Are Coming Up? ...

    Upcoming events

    May 7 | Webinar | Using Google Analytics to see which social channel sent most traffic to your site
    May 14 | Workshop | How to design a social media strategy
    May 28 | Coaching Call | Should I use a business page or personal account for LinkedIn (and YOUR questions)

    June 4 | Webinar | How to build LinkedIn ads for B2B businesses
    June 11 | Workshop | How to plan your blog content for the year
    June 25 | Coaching Call | Should I use Facebook or LinkedIn ads?

    July 2 | Webinar | How to use free design tools to create a strong brand
    July 9 | Workshop | How to design a social media strategy
    July 23 | Coaching Call | If I outsource my social media marketing – what do I need to keep in mind?
    July 30 | Webinar | How to create a social media content calendar

    August 6 | Workshop | Content-mania – create one month of content in an hour

    Prices are exclusive of GST 

    Save thousands by becoming a part of Bloom:

    ✔️ Access to group coaching calls every month (save $1300 over the year compared to 1:1 coaching calls)
    ✔️ Access to monthly webinars and training (save $2400 over the year if you attend them all!)
    ✔️ A copy of Rachel’s book Posting With Purpose (save $34)
    ✔️ Access to Rachel’s Premium Resources (over $100 in resources)

    Ready to join Bloom?

    Are you ready to skill up in social media marketing? Jam-packed with learning modules, resources, training and coaching calls, Bloom is a fun and supportive place you help you master social media marketing, one step at a time. Are you ready to join us?

    Sign up to Bloom today.

    Already a member?

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