Posting With Purpose

A how-to guide to combat social media burnout.

Many business owners struggle with social media: feeling the pressure to constantly post, increase likes and shares and all-too-often feel frustrated that all this work might not even be doing anything anyway.

Posting constantly doesn’t result in new leads for many businesses, and, even worse, it can lead to burnout.

In this book, Rachel Beaney shows you:

  • how to rethink your approach to social media marketing
  • how to better define what your purpose is
  • the tactics to streamline the process so you can get your life back (and kick those business goals!)

This book is designed to help you beat social media burnout, so you can focus on your business.

“With an engaging storytelling style, this book breaks down social principles into an approach that is easily understandable.” – Chantelle, Communication Specialist.

About Rachel Beaney
Rachel Beaney is an Australian social media specialist with over a decade in the field, working with global clients, government bodies, not-for-profits and small business owners to help them reach their goals.


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POSTING WITH PURPOSE is available now in Australia.

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