Resources for Freelancers

Welcome to the resources section for freelancers and solopreneurs! Please check out the blog posts and resources I’ve got for just for you!

How To: Set Up A Facebook Group [CHECKLIST]

Facebook has been making moves to shift from a 'public square' to private messaging for a while, announcing recently that that is their core focus into the future. They will focus more on Groups and smaller discussions (like group chats on WhatsApp) rather than the...

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[TEMPLATE] How to Use Social Media Content Calendar

One of the biggest differences in working with social media accounts for large corporations compared to small businesses is the use of one tool: the content calendar. The simple fact is that large businesses couldn't run their social media accounts without them - and...

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How To Create 6 Weeks of Social Media Posts in 30 Minutes

I’m a big fan of the three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. I believe that we don’t just we don’t just need to do this with the objects in our life, but we can do it with our digital creations, too. I’m a big fan of reusing content, especially when time is short. Whether...

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How To Create Engaging Videos For Social Media (For Free!)

If you're not creating videos for your social media channels, you're missing out on engaging a huge portion of your audience. And let's be real - online video has changed a lot in the last few years. It used to just be about YouTube and Facebook, but with the rise of...

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How Blogger Outreach Sows the Seeds for Long Term Success

We often focus on our own content marketing efforts, but another effective way to build your brand online is through being mentioned on other people's websites and blogs. But that doesn't happen on its own: it's through blogger outreach or collaborations. This is...

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Social Media Resources and Templates

Sometimes you need some tools and templates you help set you on the right track. These tools are the bread-and-butter of those working in the social media industry, so use these resources to get equipped.

Free Resources

Looking for free resources to help you with your social media, whether it’s creating new content, plan ads, or creating reports? Look no further, because here are the freebies to give your a hand up. Get in on the awesome.

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