Resources for Marketing Teams


Welcome to the resources section for marketing teams, whether you’re a marketing manager, or online community manager. Please check out the blog posts and resources I’ve got for just for you!

How To Create Engaging Videos For Social Media (For Free!)

If you're not creating videos for your social media channels, you're missing out on engaging a huge portion of your audience. And let's be real - online video has changed a lot in the last few years. It used to just be about YouTube and Facebook, but with the rise of...

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How to Prepare a Facebook Group Monthly Report

More and more businesses are focussing on Facebook Groups as a way to grow their online presence. With the benefits of reach, influence and building a community around your industry or brand, Groups are becoming a favourite way to market organically on Facebook. But...

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How To Create A Social Media Press Kit

When we think of ‘getting the word out’ on social media for a new project or campaign, we often think about our own channels: what we post, when we post and if we’re supporting it with an ad buy. But collaborating with others in your industry, community, or with...

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Social Media Monthly Report Powerpoint Template

Need to create a social media monthly report for social media accounts your manage, but you need a base to build off? This powerpoint template is an easy-to-customize document, with built in tables and charts covering off all the common items in a Social Media Monthly Report.

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Social Media Content Calendar Template

Need a template for a content calendar for a new client or new job? This content calendar is set up with the essentials to help you organise your content, and get it approved and online fast.

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Social Media Resources and Templates

Sometimes you need some tools and templates you help set you on the right track. These tools are the bread-and-butter of those working in the social media industry, so use these resources to get equipped.

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