Resources for Small Business

Welcome to the resources section for small business owners! Please check out the blog posts and resources I’ve got for just for you!

How to Prepare a Facebook Group Monthly Report

More and more businesses are focussing on Facebook Groups as a way to grow their online presence. With the benefits of reach, influence and building a community around your industry or brand, Groups are becoming a favourite way to market organically on Facebook. But...

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How To Create A Social Media Press Kit

When we think of ‘getting the word out’ on social media for a new project or campaign, we often think about our own channels: what we post, when we post and if we’re supporting it with an ad buy. But collaborating with others in your industry, community, or with...

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ROUNDUP: The Best Time of Day to Post to Social Media

When is the best time of day to post? This is one of the most common questions asked when someone is trying to increase their reach on social media. With algorithms on both Twitter and Instagram - in addition to Facebook's now limited reach - getting the most reach...

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How To: Add Subtitles To Your Facebook Videos

Did you know that 85% of video on Facebook is watched without sound? Yep, those mobile-loving Facebook users are reading the subtitles to your amazing videos more than listening, according to one study from 2016. By not adding subtitles to your videos, you're only...

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Facebook Ads Budget Calculator

Got a Facebook Budget but not sure how much traffic it’s going to get you? Or want to know how much money you need to reach your traffic goals? Use this handy Excel-based calculator to help project your Facebook Ads budget.

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Online Courses

Learn at your own pace and in your own time with Rachel’s online courses. Learn how to design a social media strategy for your business, running Instagram ads and social media design.

Find out about Rachel’s courses here.


Social Media Resources and Templates

Sometimes you need some tools and templates you help set you on the right track. These tools are the bread-and-butter of those working in the social media industry, so use these resources to get equipped.

Work with Rachel

Rachel has over a decade of experience working in digital and social media. Interested in collaborating on a future project? Find out more about Rachel’s services and get in touch.

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