While many of us will be dodging the summer heat and relying on desperately bulk-scheduled messages to tide over the first half of January, there’s still time to consider the exciting events and dates taking place in January.
Hopefully, these days will give you some inspiration when coming up with your content calendar for 2016!
Check out your local calendar to double check these events are still on these dates if you’re keen to use them!

If you’re after a calendar for 2021 onwards, check out my Premium Templates section so you can plan ahead.


January 2016

January 1
New Years Day
Veganuary – all month
January 6
Bean Day
People’s Choice Awards (USA)
January 7
Sydney Festival
January 9
Word Nerd Day
January 10
No Pants Subway/Metro Ride
Golden Globes (USA)
January 12
Kiss a Ginger Day
Clean Off Your Desk Day
Marzipan Day
Pretty Little Liars returns (USA)

January 15
Ride to Cure Diabetes
Tamworth Country Music Festival (TCMF)
January 17
Midsumma Festival
January 19
Australian Open
January 21
Squirrel Appreciation Day
January 24
Macintosh Computer Day
The X-Files returns (USA)
January 25
Community Manager Appreciation Day
January 26
Australia Day / Invasion Day
January 27
Chocolate Cake Day
January 30
Croissant Day
Any extras to add? Let me know in the comments!
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